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25 ноября 2017, 05:07

MaxisONE Prime’s base plan gets a speed upgrade

Maxis is currently having a promo for its all-in-one MaxisONE Prime offering. It was launched last month with a starting price of RM367/month and it gives you true unlimited high-speed data for both the home and while on the go.

As part of its Year End Sale promo, Maxis is offering a free speed upgrade where you can get 50Mbps at the price of a 30Mbps plan.

To recap, MaxisONE Prime consists of a mobile postpaid plan that’s bundled with a home fibre broadband. At RM367/month, it is equivalent to paying for a 30Mbps Home Fibre plan (RM179) and a MaxisONE 188 Postpaid (RM188). Instead of having just 50GB of data on your postpaid line, MaxisONE Prime gives you true unlimited quota at high-speeds.

On top of that, the home broadband router has a built-in 4G SIM which will be activated when the fibre network is interrupted. This would provide your home with full connectivity with no downtime.

With this new promotion, Maxis is now giving you 50Mbps instead of just 30Mbps for the same RM367/month subscription fee. This offer is applicable for the first 24 months and it is applicable to new and existing MaxisONE Home and Prime customers. So if you’re already on MaxisONE Prime with 50Mbps, you can request to switch to this offer and start saving RM40 for the next 24 months.

1 Mobile Line + 30Mbps 50Mbps Fibre = RM367/month1 Mobile Line + 50Mbps Fibre = RM407/month 1 Mobile Line + 100Mbps Fibre = RM487/month

In case you missed it, Maxis is also having a Year End Sale offer for its standalone Home Fibre broadband plans. Their 10Mbps plan is now going for RM119/month while its 30Mbps option can be yours at RM139/month. Both comes with unlimited calls to domestic fixed and mobile numbers.


Source: http://www.soyacincau.com/2017/11/15/maxisone-primes-base-plan-gets-a-speed-upgrade/